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E30 Temperature Warning Light

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E30 Shift Lights

Will catch your eye.

This is our first real innovation. We wanted to transform the Service Interval (SI) lights into something more usefull, but still keep the SI functional. The thing that kept our minds going, was the shift light function. After quite a few trials and errors we finally got it right. With this set, you will replace the original SI board, but still kep the SI functionality. Turning your key from OFF to ACCY position the LEDs display service interval reading as you are used to by now. With ignition ON Shiftlights are activated and service interval is no longer displayed.

You will set the thresholds (MIN - first LED lights up; MAX - all LED's start blinking) to you liking during the instalation/setup. The thresholds are engine temperature dependant so you will set different threshold for cold engine and hot engine.

An additional feature is the possibility to add an external toggle switch with wich you can turn the shiftlights ON/OFF or toggle between two different brightness settings.

We promise you will have loads of fun with the Shift lights on and off the racetrack!
Bellow are two videos that will get your mind going...

You can find more info on the development and some user comments here.

Please note, that this module can only replace the 7 LED version of the service indicator board. It will not fit to the older 9 LED SI boards.
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The price is $160.

Intelligent Wipers

Will change how you see the road.

It is a programmable wiper interval control relay. This is a plug&play part that brings your wipers some flexibility. The SLOW and FAST handle positions work the same. The INT position is where it happens. You will be able to adjust the interval between sequential wipes by a simple move of the handle. An additional feature that is added is a double wipe 5 seconds after the use of WASH function, to remove any remaining water on the windscreen!

If you need a clear view of the road you can get one below.
The price is $70.

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One-Touch Window Control

Is just awesome!

This item brings your electric window switches some much needed inteligence. This item is designed as a plug&play part which you attach to your original window switch. This will bring one touch functionality to your window control switches. With one short press on the switch the window will open/close all the way. With a longer press, the window will move as along as you hold the button.

The price is $100 for a single module or $180 for a pair.


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E30 Temperature Warning Light

A must have!

This is an innovative module that measures the temperature of your engine's cooling fluid. With it, you can prevent it from overheating. If the temperature of the cooling fluid exceeds a certain limit, the warning light will automatically turn on, alerting you to the high temperature. This can prevent potential damage to the engine and ensure that your vehicle is always safe and ready to drive. The module is easy to install (P&P, no soldering needed) and can be used for all types of engines. By using this module, you will definitely ensure the long lifespan of your engine. During installation you can set the temperature threshold for the light to alert you.

You'll need a free yellow/orange control light spot in your cluster. Check the installation manual for details.
In the package you get:

The price is only $70.

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